About "continuing every day".

There is a saying in Japan: “continuation is power”.
Almost everyone knows the importance of “continuing every day”.
There are some points to that.

– Enjoy it.
– The daily minimum quota must be set very lower. For example, 5 minutes of piano practice or 1 sentence of English composition.
– Don’t worry about the days you could not meet your quota.
– Cherish small changes in yourself.
– Don’t try to do it until you can do it in the day.
– Have companions who suppprt you.
– Do not compare yourself with others.

I had many experiences where I was able to do something that I could not do before.
If we practice every day, we might grow during sleep.
I experienced frequently that if I was diligent every day, than I got unexpectedly sonn to the point which seemed very far.
Maybe, those who aim too high have to practice too hard every day.
But, we don’t need such hard practice for studying an instrument as a hobby or studying English conversations or English composition for fun.
I think it’s better to have fun and continuing on a lighter tone.
It is said that when one turns 20-years-old, the growth process stops.
Certainly, it’s going to be disheartening if you expect rapid growth.
However, I think that “continuing every day” surely makes us grow.

( Thanks for correction,  mathiaarkoniel.)

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